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Buttercup is doing great.

Hello We gave Buttercup a new name, it is Autumn 🍂 She is doing very well. We are working with crate and potty training. She also is doing great with walks in our neighborhood. We love her very much, she gets a lot of attention! She definitely fits right in....

5 Behaviors That Make Dogs Nervous,
and What to Do Instead

Fortunately, you can learn to “speak dog.” A good starting place is to understand what we do that makes our dogs feel anxious. You’ll communicate the right message by staying clear of these five actions that make dogs nervous. Staring A frightened animal can be...

He’s an Awesome Puppy!

Hi Stacey. “Oliver” made himself right at home. He even slept pretty well in his crate through the night. Loves to play in the snow and nap on my lap. He’s an awesome puppy and we are so delighted. Thanks,

Greetings from Switzerland

Hello Stacey A few months ago Tally become one year old, time flies so fast. So these are a few information about the life of Tally in Switzerland. In our daily walks in the forest, we meet almost every day other dogs. Tally loves the contact with other dogs, if she...

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