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A beautiful, varied color of the Labradoodle family, chocolate Labradoodles are popular.  Many chocolate labradoodle puppies change color as they mature. Some change a little and some you wouldn’t think to call ‘chocolate’ when their coat is done changing. They all have a rose colored noses.

Here are the variations of Chocolate Labradoodles:


Dark, rich chocolate color. Rarer than you would think, the true chocolate does not fade. These puppies are born so dark they look black. Think of melted chocolate chips.

Chocolate Labradoodle

Scio as an adult Café Labradoodle


Café ranges from milk chocolate all the way to silver-beige. The color develops over 1-3 years as the coat lightens.  This is the more common chocolate color that we see.




curly lavender labradoodle

Snickers is a curly Lavender Labradoodle


Lavender Labradoodles are born chocolate and develop their unique color over their first 1-3 years. It is a rare color that has a definite smoky lavender/ lilac color.







Parchment Labradoodle Greta

Parchment Labradoodle: Greta


Parchment fades all the way to creamy beige. Born chocolate, these dogs develop over their first 3 years into a color like café au lait.

Gretta is only 5 months old in this picture and already had lightened considerably.





Chocolate Phantom Labradoodle

Rocky is 2 in this picture and may still fade.

Chocolate Phantom

A solid chocolate base with crisply defined markings of a second color appearing above the eyes, on the sides of the muzzle, on the throat and fore chest or in a chin and fore chest bowtie along with all four legs and feet and below the tail.

Rocky is 2 in this picture and may still fade.





Chocolate Merle Labradoodle

Chocolate Merle Labradoodle

Chocolate Merle

The merle gene affects the chocolate by adding an un-patterned dilution throughout the coat. So any of the shades of chocolate Labradoodles listed above can also be merle.






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