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Hello Stacey

Now is Tally (we have changed her name) already a week with us and we have the feeling as if she has always been one of us. She is a very great dog and she`s been super well socialized, she sleeps at night through already and is clean all night. Lenny and Tally are already a real team, they clean each other and sleep side by side. She has really settled in well with us. All people who see her for the first time are immediately in love, she has such a great character and is so friendly. We are very happy that we have chosen such a great breed, we can recommend the Australian Labradoodle to everyone. On Thursday we had the first vet visit.

Tally has gone through really great and is very trustworthy, the vet had the joy to investigate her, it is the first Australian Labradoodle in her practice, and was exciting for them too.

We wish you and your family a nice Easter weekend.

We will stay in contact whit you and send you pictures and emails.


Leslie,Patrick, Lior, and Shay

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