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Hello Stacey

A few months ago Tally become one year old, time flies so fast.

So these are a few information about the life of Tally in Switzerland.

In our daily walks in the forest, we meet almost every day other dogs.

Tally loves the contact with other dogs, if she is unsafe Lenny helps her.

It is nice to see that the two are a real team and hold together.

Tally is just like a teenager at the moment and sometimes makes a little nonsense but she learns fast.

She is such a sweet loyal dog, we love her.

We send you a few pictures of the past 9 months. Tally in the forest close by us, cooling down in the small stream, one of her favourite places. She loves the water, Tally goes everywhere she can into the water.

We wish you a happy new year.

Greetings from Switzerland.

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