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We are committed to having every breeding dog living as a family pet in a home. An Australian Labradoodle Guardianship allows us to expand our breeding program and still have just a few dogs living as family members in our own home.  We do not operate a kennel they are family members. Available Guardians are listed below.

Upcoming guardian puppy he will be around 30 lbs and he has a very sweet laid back personality.  For more information contact Stacey



Australian Labradoodle Guardianship

Labradoodle Guardianship is basically having a loving family dog for its entire life that you share with us for breeding purposes. Females are usually bred 3 to 4 times between the ages of 2 and 6 years. Males are used more often but for shorter time periods and their breeding life can range from 12 months through 5 years. These dogs are beautiful, breeding quality dogs that will go through genetic testing to confirm excellence. The dog lives with its guardian family forever and there is no purchase price. A $500 deposit is required and if the puppy doesn’t qualify as a breeding dog the dog is yours for a pet price of 500.00.  Once the dog is done with its breeding contract the 500.00 will be refunded to the guardian and the dog will be de-sexed.

Sample Guardian Contract


Guardian Responsibilities:

  • Guardians must have experience with dogs
  • Excellent pet ownership to include:
  • Regular professional grooming with a ‘Labradoodle’ type cut.
  • Regular vet visits to maintain recommended vaccination schedule.
  • Cost of recommended vaccines and other routine veterinary visits.
  • High-quality pet food such as Taste of the Wild or better.
  • Better than average obedience training.
  • A deposit of $500 is refundable at the end of the dog’s breeding career and we pay to de-sex the dog.
  • Responsive communication with Golden Xpress:
  • Able to transport pet within 24 hours to meet owners at a designated Portland-area location.
  • *Typically arranged with much more than 24-hour notice.
  • Keep Golden Xpress updated on dog’s health and vet records, including the female heat cycle.
  • Updated photos of the dog a few times per year or as requested.
  • Must live within 60 miles of Mulino Oregon.

Golden Xpress Responsibilities:

  • Cost of all genetic testing (PennHip or OFA hip, OFA elbows, CERF exams, DNA testing) and breeding-specific vet exams (ultrasound for pregnancy, progesterone test, artificial insemination, etc.)
  • Notify guardian of pet’s expected breeding schedule.
  • Cost of housing females during whelping and weaning of pups (approximately 8 weeks).

Please contact us if you are interested in being a guardian for one of our lovable Australian Labradoodles. Start by filling out our application and note ‘guardian’ in the notes section. Application

Questions about Labradoodle Guardianship? Call us!

Stacey | 503-853-6027              Available Tues.-Sat. 10 am -7 pm

If you would like to have more information please Contact Golden Xpress Australian Labradoodles. You may also view our Puppies and Adults on YOUTUBE

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