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A Little Labradoodle History

Did you know that the term ‘Labradoodle’ first appeared in 1955? It was not commonly known until 1988 when Wally Conran, an Australian breeder, hybridized the Standard Poodle and Lab in an effort to produce an allergy-friendly guide dog for the blind. Wally abandoned the effort but was successful in producing a guide dog for use that was adequately allergen-free.

Co-Founder Beverly Manners

Beverly Manners is known as the co-founder of the Australian Labradoodle and the name most of us recognize. Beverly was a service dog user. She owes her passion in part to her service dog Rutlands, a German Shepherd. She was frustrated by the many health issues inherited by this breed. Beverly formed a vision of a dog bred specifically for service, allergy-friendly, and healthy.

Focus is on Service Quality Traits

She very painstakingly focused on the service quality traits found in many of the early Labradoodles, the very special puppies that were more interested in seeking eye contact with you and being by your side than they were in playing with their littermates. Beverly infused other breeds into her Labradoodles. These purportedly included English Cocker Spaniels, Irish Waterdogs, American Cocker Spaniels and Soft Coated Wheaten Terriers, however, there are no records available to verify; it is now a closely guarded secret.

Golden Xpress Foundation Dogs come from Australian Stock

Golden Xpress foundation dogs come from Australian stock imported to the US, Rutlands Manor being the majority of the foundation stock seen on our pedigrees. Many great Australian Labradoodles are now being bred in the US. Golden Xpress continues to focus on the ‘special puppy’ traits and the importance of health testing prior to breeding. It can be painstaking and heartbreaking. We feel we have the goal in mind, the goal of healthy, loving family pets, bred for their intuitive nature.

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