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Australian Labradoodle Puppies For Sale

Golden Xpress Labradoodles has been Breeding Authentic Australian Labradoodles since 2002.  Puppies are ready for their new homes at 8 weeks old.  We do offer a week of  free puppy training if you are interested  (up to 9 weeks of age).  We can face time and send videos if you are unable to visit .  We do have added restrictions for visiting due to Covid-19 and it may not be possible to visit with us until you pick up your puppy.   


THIS LITTER IS FULLY BOOKED.  KHALEESI and THEO puppies Born March 27, 2021.  They will be  medium and small standard size (approx 45 to 60 lbs).  We have black and white, black, dark apricot and apricot parti colors, (4 females and 3 males).  Puppies will go home May 22, 2021.  


 Congratulations:Caswell family in Seattle 1st, Allsop family in Washington 2nd pick, Nicholson family in Oregon 3rd pick, Srinivasan family in California 4th pick, Mitchell family in California 5th,  Whitaker family in Oregon 6th 

Waitlist: Musgrove  


THIS LITTER IS FULLY BOOKED.  IMA and HERO puppies born March 25, 2021.  They will be medium size (approx 30 to 40lbs).  We have all colors, parti and phantom (no merle).  Puppies will go home May 20, 2021.   

Congratulations to: Farnsworth family in Oregon 1st pick, Singer family in California 2nd pick, Burke family in Washington 3rd pick, Sweeney family in Washington 4th pick, Hansen family in Washington 5th pick,  Baune family in Washington 6th pick, Allsop family in Washington 7th pick   

Waitlist: Musgrove  


THIS LITTER IS FULLY BOOKED. TONKS and SKY puppies born February 16, 2021.  They are small medium size (Approx 25 to 35 lbs). They will be ready to go home in April 13, 2021.                                                                                                                                                                                                          


Congratulations: Smetana family in Oregon picked chocolate male, K. Miller family in Oregon picked black male, Clements family in Oregon picked chocolate female, Wixey family in Washington picked chocolate merle male, Keizur family in Oregon picked chocolate merle/wht chest female, Bickford family picked in Portland small chocolate merle female, Tamblyn family in Washington solid black larger boy. 


THIS LITTER IS FULLY BOOKED.  ROSY and CAPONE  Puppies born February 20, 2021, they will be large medium to small standard size (approx 30 to 50 lbs).     They will be ready to go home in April 17, 2021.       

Congratulations: Wright family in Oregon dark blue merle male , Ellenwood family in Oregon picked chocolate merle female smudge, Mhaisale family in San Francisco picked Chocolate merle female, Ariola family in Oregon 4th pick, Sweeney family in Oregon 5th pick.  

WE ARE CURRENTLY SOLD OUT UNTIL FALL 2021.  Also take a look at our upcoming litters we have a few reservations left.  

Golden Xpress Labradoodles is Breeding Authentic Australian Labradoodles also known as the Australian Cobberdog. Puppy prices are $2500 for solid colors, $2800 for all other colors (Phantom, Tuxedo, Parti and Merle). Puppies are only reserved with a $500.00 non refundable deposit that is applied to your purchase and a approved application.  

We do not like to accept deposits prior to speaking with and approving our adopting families.  If you would like to be considered for a puppy please fill out our application located on this website. All puppies have a full 3 yrs health guarantee and lifetime support.

All puppies are ready for their new homes at 8 weeks, if we are shipping your puppy they will be ready to travel at 9 weeks in the USA only.  All other international destinations vary.   We will hold your 8 week old puppy free of charge for 7 days, after that date there will be a 15.00 per day charge.  We also offer customized puppy training packages. 

Puppy selections will be made in the order the deposits are received. You will be notified if there is a puppy that matches your wish list. If not, you will be first in line for the next litter. **ALL PUPPIES ARE CONSIDERED AVAILABLE FOR SALE UNTIL AN APPLICATION AND DEPOSIT HAVE BEEN RECEIVED. We work very hard to find the best fit for our puppy and your family. Occasionally we do not find the right match for your family in a current litter. If this happens, or you find the timing is not right to receive your new puppy, you will be moved to the next available litter. Each Australian Labradoodle puppy is sent home with the following:

  • 3 year health guarantee  
  • Unlimited lifetime support
  • Puppy health records
  • Age appropriate de-worming
  • Age appropriate shots
  • Microchip and free registration
  • Free puppy insurance through Trupanion
  • 3 day supply of puppy food (Purina Pro Plan)
  • Blanket filled with familiar scents from our home, mom and siblings.
  • Labradoodle development pamphlet (emailed)
  • Grooming instructions & illustrations (emailed)
  • Starter kit, collar, leash and toys
  • 4 to 6 Generation Pedigrees once spay/neuter certificate is sent to GXL

Your puppy will provide your family with years of love and laughter. Puppies are loved and adored in our home, and they are all well socialized with children, adults and all of our other animals until the day they leave our home. Our adult dogs are our pets as well as our best friends. We can get you started with a puppy who knows the basics of obedience and crate training! Learn more about the life of your puppy before they become your pet. All pet puppies must be spayed or neutered – WE CAN OFFER THIS SERVICE AT A DISCOUNT WITH ONE OF OUR VETERINARIANS. WE SHIP OUR PUPPIES SAFELY ACROSS THE USA, CANADA AND OTHER INTERNATIONAL DESTINATIONS.  Covid-19 restrictions do apply to many destinations.  

 We abide by the code of ethics of the ALCA, IALA, MDBA and CKC.

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