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Older Australian Labradoodle Puppies
and Older Australian Labradoodle Dogs


$2800 FOXY  is  medium size, expected to be 30 to 40 lbs.  She has a rare red merle coloring and a silky soft non shedding fleece coat.  Foxy is a OLDER AUSTRALIAN LABRADOODLE PUPPY out of Roca and Hero, born Oct 18, 2022.   She is a sweet girl with a more laid back personality, however she is playful and does need exercise daily.  She is happy and well socialized with our visitors other pets. Foxy is eager to please and very willing, this has made her easy to train.  She is doing very well with puppy training however she is still very much a puppy, she is in her toddler stages.  Foxy will walk on a leash, comes when called, sits, she is crate trained and she knows how to use a doggie door.  However she is not old enough to leave unattended in your home unless she is in a secure puppy play pen, it takes them time to learn their new environment,smells and daily routines.  She has had her first haircut and was a good boy for the groomer.   She has had all positive reinforcement in hers training, so she is outgoing and willing to please.  She is Up-to-date on all shots and health care.  CLICK ON IMAGES TO ENLARGE THE PHOTOS




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To adopt a puppy, please fill out our online application; no deposit is required until your application has been reviewed and approved.  Older puppies were held back as potential breeders or service/therapy training candidates.  These puppies are priced according to their age and level of training.  All older puppies are in excellent health and will be spayed or neutered according to age. Our puppies have a 3-year health guarantee and are up to date on age-appropriate vaccinations, worming, grooming, and a flea treatment.  You may qualify for guardianship. There are often older dogs and puppies available in our guardian program.

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Why choose an older puppy?

OLDER PUPPY PRICES will go up as their training advances with their age.  We have raised these puppies in our home from birth and are much further in their development. Depending on the age, they may already be crate trained, doing well with potty training, basic puppy training, etc. They are very well socialized with other dogs and lots of people. Many bad habits that puppies form from age eight weeks on will be avoided, such as chewing, barking, jumping on you, etc., by choosing an older puppy raised by professionals.

Why do we have these puppies?

Often times they are breeding prospects held back as potentials and then released. A few are selected to be raised into older puppies for people wishing for a puppy that has started training as a family member or as therapy and service companions. Our Multi-Generational Australian Labradoodle puppies that have started training are available for $2500 and up, depending on their level of training.

Older dogs available:

Why choose an adult dog? Trained, loving dogs!  Remember that our older puppies/dogs will need redirecting and continued training in their new homes.  The dog/puppy’s new home will likely differ significantly from ours. It will take the dog/puppy a few weeks to bond with their new family, and you will need to help them with your family routine and rules.

Why do we have adult dogs available?

Occasionally retiring breeding or re-homed dogs will become available for placement in a “forever” home. These dogs are awesome! Raised by a family or us in their home as a  guardian family. Additionally, we are committed to a lifetime of support for our dogs and their families.

P.S. You can hold a puppy with a $500 non-refundable deposit applied to your purchase. A completed application is required.

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