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Advice from our professional Labradoodle trainers

The earlier puppy training starts, the more successful it will be. Teach your dog the rules when it becomes part of the family. Starting on the right “paw” is easier than unlearning an unwanted behavior.

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Engage the entire family in puppy training

The whole family should be engaged in puppy training. Rules need to be consistent, and the same training words should be used by each family member.

Stacey has done a wonderful job of crate training the puppies. It is imperative to continue this to encourage good potty-training habits, and prevent inappropriate chewing and other unwanted behaviors.

Exercise and mental stimulation is very important

Appropriate exercise and mental stimulation at all times of the year are critical for puppy training. There is an abundance of indoor and outdoor activities that can be used to accomplish this. Providing enough appropriately-sized bones, and toys with different textures, sounds, and purposes will help with your dog’s development. Puppies grow quickly; have bones and toys that will last for an extended period.

Personal puppy training at your home or ours

Krystyna Schmidt and Stacey Smithers are available for personal puppy training at your home. We can help implement these training tips and personalize them, as well as others, for your puppy and its environment.

The cost is $35/hour. Stacey and Krystyna regularly service families in the Tigard/Tualatin/Lake Oswego/West Linn/Wilsonville/Oregon City area and all of Clackamas County. (A travel charge of 50.00 round trip will be charged in these areas.)  We also have daily rates for boarding and training and we can customize a program that works best for you and your puppy.  Please contact Stacey at  503.853.6027 or Krystyna at 503.548.3428 by phone or text, and allow 24 hours for a return call.

Your puppy will thank you!





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