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I just wanted to give you a little update on Tonks, as I haven’t connected since her well puppy checkup.

Tonks is such a sweet puppy. She is incredibly affectionate, playful and very happy. She is smart smart smart and learned to use the bell to go outside and go potty within two weeks of arriving at our home. It also only took her two weeks (and maybe even less than that) to be completely crate trained. We cannot wait until she has her final round of vaccines to be able to take her on walks, but so far using the leash in our yard and just around the house, she has been really great.

We took her to her second round of vaccines and vet check-up last Monday (February 5th) and everyone there was very impressed with how calm and comfortable she was. She did great taking her shots and sat calmly in the waiting room beforehand. She was 11.7 oz at 12 weeks (was 7oz at 8 weeks) and the vet said she was very healthy.

I’ve attached some photos below. Jon, Tonks and I have been bonding quite a bit and we couldn’t imagine life before Tonks in it.

Hope you are well,


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