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It has taken longer than anticipated, but here is a photo of Magic, aka Buddy. He has been a wonderful addition to our family. He has adapted to the “urban” lifestyle without problem. You did a wonderful job raising him so he feels loved and trusted. He is learning very quickly, and we are so happy he came in to our lives. My 82 year old father also loves him and buys him toys and treats. He is a kind and gentle little soul. Again, thank you so much for our “Buddy”, since that is exactly what he is.

I hope you got the testimonial I sent. This computer is different from the one at work, so let me know if you got it. Our little Buddy, aka Magic has been more than we ever could have anticipated. I have looked at some of your new puppies, and I’m going to work with Kim for a few sessions to get Buddy a bit more confident. I would love to, if the right match for him comes up in the future, get him a little brother or sister. Should you have one that you feel would be a good match, since you know him, let me know. Ideally, I’d love one you have had long enough to know the personality, and I must admit having the crate trained and housebroken piece well on it’s way is a bonus. I would not expect any special deal like you shared with us with Magic, I want you to know that. It would be nice to bring him and meet a potential friend in the next few months. Let me know what you think and if such a thing of wanting a little older one is even feasible. He has healed us and next week we are going on our first trip to the beach with him. I can’t wait, I suspect he will have a blast!

Sincerely, Michelle… aka Buddy’s mom

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