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Speing_2008_119I just wanted to let you know that Chewie, who we got last fall (one of the pups born on 09/06/2007 to Scio and Snickerdoodle) is doing fabulous! She is such a happy dog and just really enjoying life. Her temperate is wonderful.

She is playful and gentle and just altogether really great. We bought a house in August and she loves the backyard and going for walks in the neighborhood. She is thrilled with the sprinkler in the back yard and just enjoys catching a ball and running around. She is getting along well with our two cats, although she still wants to play with them a lot and they don’t like that.

She has really been a great companion for Matt and I and it is hard to remember what life was like without her! Chewie is always smiling, too! When we are around her, we can’t help but smile! Our families love her as well. Last night, Matt and I were watching a movie, and Chewie went under the Christmas tree and found a present for her and brought it into the living room to open. It was so cute! She is really smart and very loving. She doesn’t shed at all and her coat is still soooo soft! She’s like a big teddy bear! I will send you a few pictures of her.

Thank you for introducing us to Chewie,

Sarah and Matt

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