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Dear Stacy,

We let her run free without restraints on the beach on sunny days so today she might be a lucky pup chasing birds to her heart’s content. Polly is a delight and so smart. She is devoted and loving and we could not love her more. I take her to the local kennel once a week for day care where she socializes with other dogs and plays. Last week they told me they put her in with puppies because she is playful and so gentle with them. According to the day care providers she is the best personality of all their dogs and she socializes better than than any other dog coming to day care. They can allow her to play with every group they place her in and as a result she plays hard all during the day she is there. Another cute thing Polly does is play with her squeaky latex toys enjoying her toy box of choices with and without us. She can entertain herself almost as much as playing with us. I say latex toys because those are the only toys she cannot destroy – all others, soft plush, rubber or tuff toys, are easily chewed up and spit out. She has never chewed on our furniture or clothing so that is why we have a toy box for her. She is a very good girl.

We hope to come for a visit this summer. It would be interesting to see her interact with her siblings and parents.


Darby Gott

Stanley and Darby Gott P.O. Box 2381, Gearhart, Oregon 97138-2381

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