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mocaweb1Just a note to check in with you and to let you know how Mocha (Ryan loved the name you gave her) is doing with her new family.

We just took Mocha in for her first hair cut yesterday. It has been really hot here, so we thought she would be more comfortable in shorter hair, but I definitely had a tear in my eye when we picked her up and all that beautiful fur was gone.

Mocha has been adjusting well and has become the main focus of our family. The kids (Ryan and Alyssa) are doing a great job with her, and we have started training classes. She is growing so fast. I have attached some pictures that we took when she first came home and some of her after her hair cut.

It’s great having a baby in the house again, and this time I didn’t even get any stretch marks!!

Thanks so much for everything and we will talk to you soon.

Don and Shellie Groscost

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