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Nancy_Truaz2_D05307Josie is an absolutely phenomenal dog. She is great with kids, loves other dogs and wants to make a friend out of everyone she meets. When taken for a car ride, Josie lies down and waits patiently until we arrive at our destination, so she travels to lots of places. We go to the pet stores, to visit friends and to the dog park.

We also, have a park in our neighborhood which we usually walk to twice a day. She has a great temperament, is very smart and hasn’t shad a hair. Needless to say, she is absolutely beautiful.

People stop us all the time to tell me how great-looking she is. You were right when you said, “Once you have a labradoodle, you will never have anything else. My vet found her to be in excellent health and in great physical shape. He was especially impressed with how many times she had been wormed by you and the amount of information that you provided me about her care. Josie is a most amazing dog and a wonderful addition to our family.

Thank You!

Nancy Truax

UPADTE:  Stacey- I wanted to let you know that Josie received her Canine Good Citizen certification last week. I am now going to look into the process of having her certified as a therapy dog. Josie has the most wonderful temperament, is very smart and absolutely beautiful. She is a great companion and loves to play with people and dogs. We absolutely love having her as part of our family. Nancy


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