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Martin and Rhonda from New Jersey

VioletHi Stacey,

We hit the Jackpot as we received Violet, the PERFECT puppy from Golden Xpress. We couldn’t have asked for anything more, as she has the sweetest, disposition and amazingly calm for a puppy. The added bonus is that she is already trained to walk through a doggy door, understands basic commands and goes potty outside.

Stacey was so easy to work with as we arranged for the arrival of our little girl. She kept us abreast of flights and provided updates via YouTube of Violets’ growth even within the week of our initial contact. After her arrival Stacey has continued the communication to make sure that our puppy is adjusting.

Now that Violet is home for just a couple of days, we have bonded and don’t know how we have lived without her.

We LOVE our new Labradoodle Violet who is now known as Yo Violet.


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