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My In-Laws/Best Friends just purchased “Jurne” from you a few days ago….I haven’t heard so much excitement and love out of Sherry’s voice in a long time. Thank you for that! Her heart is full now – Jurne is one lucky pup. You, Stacy, are amazing. The love you give these pups to start is obvious.

Update: Stacey, How do I find the words to tell you how we adore Jurne. I will just do that. He is an ANGEL for sure. We take him everywhere, accept when we go to Mexico. He lights up our life and has truly been a HEALER for Sherry. A presence that is so soothing and calming. We have laughed and played with him, possibly more than we did with our children. More time being retired. To watch Bob on the floor being a child with Jurne and bragging about him to others warms my heart. He had to be a RESPONSIBLE provider raising children. But now the freedom to play and laugh. Jurne is so easy, gentle and well behaved. He loves balls, Frisbee and SQUIRRELS. He is an avid River dog and a great traveler. We thank you for the GIFT of Jurne in our life. We are training him to be a service dog. He is a natural, for he so loves people.

Thanks every minute of our lives

Sherry and Bob

Rheaume Jurne was two in January , He is 60#, a black coat with a white vest and goatee!!!

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