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It’s been awhile and I’ve been wanting to update you on Lulu girl. She’s doing great and fitting in very well. She enjoyed a nice summer with us. We took her to the beach and she even got in the pool with us. She’s so much fun – loves to play tag and she’s the biggest teaser.

Our other dog was a bit jealous of her at first, but he’s gotten over it. He’s a real sweetie with her, she pushes him around but he never seems to mind it. We all have fallen in love with her and I think she’s lovin life too!

Also wanted to congratulate you on Scio and Snickers litter. I check your website from time to time for the latest news.

Hope all is well with you and your family (dogs included).


<–SNICKER AND SCIO PUPPY in her new family with the Goscotts

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