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Here are some videos I posted to Youtube of Obie and Luka playing. She’s had a very busy day exploring the house, being exposed to the notion of an invisible fence via the invisible fence trainer lady, playing in the backyard with Obie and meeting the neighbors, going for a car ride to the grocery store, going to Petco and being admired in the store, watching college football with us on the couch, and now……she’s pretty pooped and snoozing.

When she wants to get away from Obie she goes in her crate!! So funny. There’s no way he’d fit in there. She already knows her set of water and food bowls, sits on command, and I’ve tried to teach the stay command a little today with success.

Stacey, I cannot thank you enough for this darling dog. Incidentally, I think you know I’ve been looking for the perfect labradoodle for about 6 months now and so I’ve talked to a lot of breeders. The one I almost went with is Robin at Bellairelabradoodles.com. I even named the pup Bindi but at the last minute I was unsure because she was very tiny, expected to be 11 lbs fully grown. So a couple that already committed to one of her other pups bought her. Well, I sent Robin an email yesterday telling her about Luka and she said that she and her husband visited your place and met you a few years ago looking for a female breeder, and she thought very highly of you! Small, small world. All these labradoodles all over the world and I find 2 possibilities in Oregon!

I’ll give you a call in awhile, but know that all is well. Also, if you want to friend me on facebook I’ll be posting lots more. Valerie Lychak Bollock. I think there’s only one!

Have a great evening



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