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Thank you so much for having us out yesterday. I did in fact follow up with two other breeders at your suggestions and we are far and away most impressed with your operation. I have spoken at some length with Teresa, my oldest daughter and I believe that she will be contacting you directly. As concerns the choice of dog, she will likely confirm that she is looking for a mellow, larger dog like Snickers (or was it Scio we met yesterday) for size and temperament. We discussed the litter that you currently have available and I shared with her the picture that we took of the larger, mellower, male that may be available and of course she was smitten. Black is not her first choice although temperament and size are her most important criteria, along with timing. She is looking to get a dog mid-May as she will have four months home this summer to work with and get to know the dog. Although she has said that she would like a male dog, I don’t think that she is wed to this. She is basing this on our own experience with dogs. The males that we have owned have had better personalities than the females. Our older female Vizla also seems to behave better around males dogs — I don’t see this as much of a concern though as these dogs will have little contact. When we first started looking at your website she was interested in the older female puppy that you had available. This would have worked out well with Teresa’s timing. Do let us know if you have any older dogs available. Her price limit though is $1000. She has saved long and hard for this.

She has completed the puppy application and emailed it to me to drop off along with the deposit. I will call you later this morning to see when is a good time to come by.

Thank you again,

Yvonne Lawson

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