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Best Dog Ever!

Hello Stacy. This is Anne & Dick Milligan. We adopted Cody in 2007, his birthday is today St. Patricks Day and we were thinking of you. Thank you for the best dog ever! He’s healthy, active, and would like to come to visit sometime.

Smarter than expected

At 11 weeks, Peggy is way smarter than expected at that age. She is eager to please and already sits and waits to go out until I am thru the door. I call her velcro dog as she sticks to me like a perfect companion. She is a joy. Thank you ! Maxi Starr,...

Such a sweet puppy!

I just wanted to give you a little update on Tonks, as I haven’t connected since her well puppy checkup. Tonks is such a sweet puppy. She is incredibly affectionate, playful and very happy. She is smart smart smart and learned to use the bell to go outside and go...

Buttercup is doing great.

Hello We gave Buttercup a new name, it is Autumn 🍂 She is doing very well. We are working with crate and potty training. She also is doing great with walks in our neighborhood. We love her very much, she gets a lot of attention! She definitely fits right in....

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