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There are a number of good reasons to adopt a puppy from a reputable breeder such as Golden Xpress Labradoodles. We take pride in our puppies – and we know you will too!

A great benefit of adopting from Golden Xpress is that you know everything about the puppy from the beginning. We can tell you everything about the puppy’s life up until the point you bring her home. We will tell you how your puppy was raised, if she had any health issues at birth, if she has a more dominant or submissive personality, etc.

Another plus is that you can meet the puppy’s parents. The puppy’s parents will tell you a lot about how your puppy will turn out, as far as health, appearance, and temperament. At Golden Xpress Labradoodles, we know your puppy’s parents very well – they are treated as part of the family, as are their puppies.

When you adopt a puppy from Golden Xpress, you know the puppy has had a happy life. When adopting from a good breeder, there are no uncertainties about the puppy’s past. You know your puppy hasn’t been abused or neglected.

Good breeders are knowledgeable and responsible. We take pride in the dogs we are breeding. We have spent time researching the lineage of the parents and grandparents in order to produce the best puppies, and we plan ahead so we can offer the mother dog and puppies the best care and find the best homes.

When you adopt a puppy from Golden Xpress Labradoodles, you can be confident in knowing that your dog will be a good fit for your family. Every puppy is individually assessed for suitability to each family’s situation and lifestyle requirements and comes to you well socialized, wormed, current on all vaccinations and with a three year health warranty for hereditary diseases. Contact us today for more information about adopting one of our wonderful puppies!

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