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xmasheneryHi Stacey,

I’ve been meaning to write a testimonial for you and finally got around to it :)

As someone who never owned a dog before, I had a few preconceived notions of what to expect when we got our puppy. I thought we’d be up at night with a whining puppy, have things destroyed from a puppy that chewed, and just have a general struggle with working through training. Henry has proved all of my worries wrong. He stayed in his kennel all night (8 hrs!!) after the first night without whining.

The first night he only cried once after about 5 hours. He likes to chew but has been easy to redirect and train to chew his toys. Overall, training has gone extremely well. He is super smart and ready to please. Stacey gave him such a great start that I feel like we just had to get trained ourselves on how to continue raising him. You have to be firm and consistent with him but he wants to please you.

Henry has been such a wonderful addition to our home. We have two younger children (5 & 7) and he is so laid back with them, it is amazing. They love on him and he just loves them back. Henry is 5 months old now and we couldn’t imagine not having him around. I have never met a happier puppy. He just loves everyone. I would say that is our one big work in progress, getting him to greet strangers calmly!

He’s getting better everyday and I think he’s going to be an amazing dog (not that he isn’t already)!

Thanks Jennifer

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